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Where does your energy come from?
What are the advantages of solar energy?
In 2019, Solar accounted for 40% of all new electric generation capacity to the grid in the United States, outpacing coal, natural gas, wind, and all other sources.  Homeowners, businesses, and utilities are increasingly adopting solar, resulting in an average annual industry growth of rate of 48% over the past decade.  
Why are they going solar?  The answer lies in some of these key benefits:

Saves you money.
We all use electricity, and most of us simply pay our utility each month for that commodity.  Solar is an alternative option, allowing you to actually gain equity in that resource.  You can reduce or potentially zero-out your electric bill, and take control of your electricity costs.

Helps our environment.
Did you know that more of the Sun's energy hits the Earth in 1-hour than the planet consumes in an entire year?  Solar allows us to harness some of that vast resource instead of relying on traditional fossil fuels, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Solar is a clean, renewable, and abundant fuel.

Qualifies for incentives.
Rebates, tax credits, grants, depreciation, and other programs may cover much of the project cost.  Funding levels and availability vary, but it is not uncommon to recoup 30% or more of your investment within the first year by taking advantage of strong incentives for solar.

Provides security.
Producing your own electricity with solar essentially locks-in your electric rates.  You own the power plant, you know the cost, and you know what amount of energy it will provide.  You can even add an Energy Storage System, allowing you to operate if the grid goes down.  That is the stability that solar energy provides.

Keeps it local.
Wisconsin sends $14.4 billion dollars a year out-of-state to purchase fossil fuels, due to the fact we are heavily reliant on that energy source and have no significant deposits of our own.  We can keep those energy dollars here, creating jobs, and growing our economy by investing in solar installed by local contractors.

Operates reliably.
Solar is not only an aesthetically beautiful solution, but also elegant in its incredible reliability.  Day-after-day, year-after-year, solar arrays are out there producing power with minimal maintenance.  The only moving parts are the excited electrons going to work for you.  Equipment warranties are typically 25 years or more, and the whole system can be easily monitored on your mobile device.

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