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Where does your energy come from? 
Are you concerned with your operating costs?

Take control of your operating costs by adding Solar to your business.  Solar energy is a smart investment for commercial properties as it reduces monthly utility expenses, while also offering a shining opportunity to promote your business as sustainable.

If you have not looked into solar yet, now is the time!  With proven technology, long warranties, and incentives to cover much of the overall cost, you can stop wasting your money every month and own your energy!  We are your turn-key solar installer, offering reliable alternatives to fossil fuels. Our goal is to match the right solution to your needs.


Most of these systems are "grid-interactive."  This means that you can effectively use the utility grid as your storage, instead of buying and maintaining batteries.  The output of your solar array feeds directly into your existing breaker panel, or another point of interconnection on the customer side of the service.

When the solar array is producing more power than the facility needs at a given moment the excess solar energy flows outward through the electric meter, and is read that direction.  Conversely, when the building is drawing more power than the solar is providing, power is pulled from the grid as usual.  This all happens automatically and seamlessly.  At the end of your billing cycle, the utility simply credits or charges you for the "net" kWh of your imported vs. exported energy based on their rate structure.  Solar offsets the energy charges (kWh) portion of your bill.

Demand charges are a different design challenge, as the solar peaks won't necessarily coincide with the high demand peaks of your operations.  In order to reduce the demand charge portion of your utility bill, a Smart Energy Management solution is needed; Upgrading equipment controls and implementing a coordinated use schedule first, then adding an Energy Storage System (ESS) to limit the peak imports from the utility grid.  With an ESS, batteries can be used for "peak-shaving" by discharging their stored energy when the system sees you are approaching the programmed maximum import wattage.


Solar is good for business.  Rebates and tax incentives are available for commercial solar projects, reducing the end cost to you and accelerating your return on investment!  Here are the current incentive programs:

Focus On Energy

Eligible 2024 Business Solar PV projects can receive a cash-back rebate after project completion!  The rebate about about varies depending on system size, but the incentives are higher for businesses than for residential installations.  Generally, systems installed within 90° of South, and with limited shading, will qualify.

Federal Tax Credit

Commercial solar projects are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of 30% for systems which make significant installation progress in by end of 2032.  This incentive is scheduled to phase out starting in 2033.

MACRS & Bonus Depreciation

Similar to other company equipment purchases, solar PV systems can benefit from depreciation schedules.  Under the federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS), businesses can improve their return on investment through depreciation tax deductions.  The value of this financial tool is dependent on the specifics of each project, such as the timing, project costs, schedule of depreciation, and federal tax rates of entity.

Sales & Property Tax Exemptions

Solar installations in Wisconsin are 100% exempt from Sales and Use Tax, for eligible project expenses.  Any value added to your home by the installation of solar energy is 100% exempt from property taxes in Wisconsin.

Rebates and Tax Credits for solar are dependent on date of installation, availability, and eligibility.  Give us a call, or submit a quote request to see what these incentive amounts will be for your project.  We make it easy for you! 

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