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Where does your energy come from? 
Is there a better way for the future?

Solar energy for schools means a lot more than just producing clean energy; it means the future of our communities will grow with a sustainable mindset.  Solar energy is a smart investment for schools as it reduces monthly utility expenses, while also offering a shining learning opportunity.

With proven technology, long warranties, and incentives to cover much of the overall cost, educational institutions can install solar and control their energy costs for decades to come.  We are a reliable partner, and a turn-key installer for solar on your school.  Our goal is to match the right solutions for your needs, and provide any educational and collaborative sessions to make it a learning experience for all involved.


Most of these systems are "grid-interactive."  This means that you can effectively use the utility grid as your storage, instead of buying and maintaining batteries.  The output of your solar array feeds directly into your existing breaker panel, or another point of interconnection on the customer side of the service.

When the solar array is producing more power than the facility needs at a given moment the excess solar energy flows outward through the electric meter, and is read that direction.  Conversely, when the building is drawing more power than the solar is providing, power is pulled from the grid as usual.  This all happens automatically and seamlessly.  At the end of your billing cycle, the utility simply credits or charges you for the "net" kWh of your imported vs. exported energy based on their rate structure.


There are a variety of funding opportunities for schools going solar, reducing the end project cost and accelerating your return on investment!  We can help navigate these incentives, and stack as many as possible to make your project viable.  Here are the current incentive programs:

Focus On Energy

Eligible 2024 Solar PV projects can receive a cash-back rebate after project completion!  Focus on Energy offers rebates for non-profit entities that install solar!  The incentive amounts vary depending on system size and type of entity.  Generally, systems installed within 135° of South, and with limited shading, will qualify.

Federal Tax Credit

Non-profits can now take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit!  This is a new option for non-profit entities, which was previously only for commercial and residential Solar projects;  Non-profits can receive this Tax Credit in the form of a one time direct payment!  This incentive is scheduled to phase out starting in 2033.

Solar on Schools Grants

Our partners at The Couillard Solar Foundation have created a solar grant program specifically for schools in Wisconsin!  If your school is ready to pursue solar energy, then the Solar on Schools funding may be an option to apply for.  This program is administered by RENEW Wisconsin, and takes applications during several cycles each year.  Each awarded solar project under 75kW in size can be granted up to a $10,000 value in funding or solar modules, and projects 75kW and larger can seek up to $20,000.

WPPI Renewable Energy Grants

Non-profit facilities served by a WPPI Energy municipal electric utility are eligible to apply for grants up to $20,000 for solar installations!  This is a competitive bid process, which we have a successful track record of navigating.  This incentive is aimed at helping non-profits lower their energy costs and promoting their commitment to our environment.

Fundraising from Within

There are some creative ways in which funding for a solar project can be raised with the help of the community, school affiliated clubs, and other local organizations.  Ideas such as "sponsor a panel", can give some sense of ownership to the doors who show their financial support.  Funding drives can be specifically catered to your organization.

Rebates and grants for solar are dependent on date of installation, availability, and eligibility.  Give us a call, or submit a quote request to see what these incentive amounts will be for your project.  We make it easy for you! 

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